Mentorship Group Enrollment **Read full description**

Mentorship Group Enrollment **Read full description**

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***Please join the FB group after enrollment:

Reoccurring payments will be automatically withdrawn on the 1st of every month. Disclaimer: if you sign up towards the end of a month, you will be charged at time of sign up and again at the start of the next month. It is recommended that you wait until the first to sign up to avoid an extra payment. **I have set up a grace period. If you sign up with 5 days of the next month, you will not be charged twice.** Refunds will not be given for late cancellations.

Signing up enrolls you in the Burns Boutique Mentorship Group. Lives will be held every Tuesday (additional days may be added if needed depending on the tumbler design. Dates and times subject to change). All lives will be saved to the group for replay. You will have access to all past tutorials while you're a member of the group.

This mentorship will gain you exclusive access to the Burns Boutique Mentorship Group on Facebook. We will be sculpting/constructing one 3D tumbler per month from start to finish. You will also gain access to social media/business classes, giveaways, contests, and discount codes for several supply companies.

**This group is intended for experienced tumbler makers only. Please do not enroll in hopes of learning the basics of tumbler making. Must have 2D tumbler making experience. 3D experience not required**

**If you are not a Facebook user, and create an account solely for the purpose of joining the group, please email prior to purchase. Brand new FB accounts will not be allowed to join unless approved via email in advanced and will not be refunded.**

After enrollment, you will need to join Burns Boutique Mentorship Group on Facebook


**CANCELLATIONS: should you choose to cancel your membership, you will be able to remain in the group for the month that you've paid for and will be removed from the group on the 1st of the following month. To manage your subscription, please access the link provided to you in the Seal Subscription email that you will receive after signing up. Please contact if you need further assistance 


**As of Feb 1, 2024, the price has increased. All current members are grandfathered in under the old pricing. Any members who pause or cancelled and later return will be returning to this new price.